Shrewberry is a webcomic run by Deepak Thomas (alter ego thinkdj)


In early 2010, I was a big fan of webcomics. Space Avalanche, Fredo and Pidjin, C&H were part of my ablutions back then.

Engrossed in Cyanide & Happiness / Infosys, 2009 / PC: Naveed Ahmed

Some webcomics (Especially C&H) made me realize that you need not be an expert artist to convey a thought. A sudden impulse led to the creation of shrewbery.com.

In under 10 minutes, a logo was made in Photoshop:

Shrewberry Logo v1

And the same day, I made the first comic with whatever freehand skills I had, and shared with a handful of my friends.

Soon after, it got sidelined amidst all the work & play. However, I had made it a point to write down most of the thoughts that could be cartoonified. Six years hence, Shrew is being revived on Feb 06, 21016.

Due to life’s inconsistencies, Shrewberry will strive to live up to its tagline, which is: A Randomly Updated Webcomic ; )


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